Sunday, March 29, 2009

Be convicted but not close-minded!

What do I mean? Well, thanks for asking; here's what I mean:

We are convicted that love really is better than hate; that violence really does not work, and always leads to more violence; that it is better to focus on giving instead of getting. We are convicted that diversity may be the hardest thing for a society to live with, and perhaps the most dangerous thing for a society to be without.

When we live these convictions, the hungry are fed, the homeless sheltered, the sick cared for, the grieving comforted, the lost welcomed and the children protected. These are the convictions that make the world more peaceful and life-giving.

At the same time, we are not close-minded. We know that we don't have the corner on truth. And we know that ignoring the truths to be learned elsewhere only belittles the truths to which we hold.

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